About us

About us

Moto-Lift.de – The original since 2007

The parking solution for all bikes!

We attach the highest importance to the quality of the systems and materials. Our lift systems have been developed in the EU and are also produced in the EU without e
xception. Each lift system is tested for full functionality by us before being shipped to YOU.


Who we are

We are a team of motorcycle madmen who themselves faced the problem that the garage was just too small for cars and motorcycles. After many experiments and experimental solutions, we succeeded in 2007 together with a partner in developing the first Moto-Llift, the precursor of our current ML 300 LD and making it marketable.

Since then, we have continuously developed and improved this in order to be able to offer a safe, almost maintenance-free and easy-to-use Moto-Lift. In addition, our current big model, the ML Custom, was added in 2011. A little later, especially through customer inquiries, we have further developed this and can now also offer a Moto-Lift for quads.

Our drive

After 13 years as a sole proprietorship, Moto-Lift decided to set up a limited liability company in 2020, especially due to the expansion of sales and international competitiveness.

Our DNA – The love of motorcycles – remains. We also stick with your ears. If you have any suggestions or wishes we would be happy to hear from you.

Write to us, even if you are looking for an individual parking solution and it is not yet available in our offer.

Contact us

Moto-Lift GmbH i.G.

Am Pfanderling 5
a D-85778 Haimhausen

Tel. : +49 (0) 8131-272266-
4 Fax: +49 (0) in Kuerze wieder verfuegbar

Email: info@moto-lift.de